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Our business area Tenant Representation - Tenant Advice works daily with strategic tenant advice in commercial real estate.

A&T Occupier - Tenant Representation

Advisory and Transaction Services Occupier - Tenant Representation

We can contribute with detailed market knowledge, provide you with valuable contacts in the industry through our extensive network and assist with knowledge so that you and your business can make well-founded decisions in connection with possible relocations or renegotiations of existing leases.

The tenant's independent adviser

We at Tenant Representation exclusively represent one party, the tenant. In order for the outcomes of our projects to be successful, it is fundamental that we take into account the wishes and requirements of our customers, as well as make an assessment of the level of knowledge they are at regarding premises and property-related processes.

Relocation & New establishment

Our focus is primarily on representing tenants in connection with relocations or the establishment of new offices. In the role of tenant advisor, we assist the tenant with everything from needs analyses, establishment of premises programs, evaluation of various premises alternatives, negotiation of an attractive commercial lease agreement. Professional advice increases the chances of signing a lease that is commercially and financially beneficial and that the premises will be adapted to the needs of the business. With our well-established market presence and solid experience, we give our customers the best possible conditions.

Negotiation of rental agreements

A central part of a relocation or new establishment project is the negotiation of the lease agreement. The tenant often commits to the lease for a long period of time, which means that it is of great importance to negotiate flexibility and the best possible terms for the specific business that the tenant conducts. With our market knowledge, we can determine what should be included in the lease agreement and what rent levels prevail in the specific market. Furthermore, we can also assess a reasonable length of the agreement as well as which possible rental discounts, rental options and tenant adaptations should be requested in connection with negotiations. With us on your side, the tenant can feel secure that the conditions for signing an advantageous and well-balanced lease agreement are good.

Renegotiation of existing lease

Like lease negotiations in connection with new establishments or relocations, we also help tenants with renegotiations of existing leases. When the contract period begins to suffer towards its end, both the tenant and the landlord have the right to terminate the existing contract for a change of terms. This gives both parties an opportunity to update the agreement according to prevailing needs and wishes. We help the tenant review the existing terms and can, with our market knowledge and experience, identify where there is room for negotiation.


For various reasons, it can sometimes be relevant for tenants to get rid of all or parts of their premises that are unwanted or no longer serve any purpose. By hiring us in connection with a liquidation process, the tenant gets help in finding one or more new tenants for the relevant part of the premises and we can also help in the negotiation with the landlord about getting out of the agreement early.

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