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CBRE's team that delivers services to clients with Portfolio Services - local portfolios - creates a unified and complete view of the information in your local portfolio. We also offer complete management of rental agreements, rental administration and accounting, as well as management of rented premises and self-owned properties.


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Portfolio Services

Our collective experience, from the management of real estate and premises portfolios, is market leading. With more than 750 employees globally who work with portfolio management, we continuously manage approx. 135,000 leases, with the equivalent of SEK 59 billion in rents, for many of the world's leading companies.
When you entrust our team with managing rental payments and the responsibility of your rental commitments, we ensure that it generates savings and reduces your risks. We also manage the ongoing contact with your landlords and your subtenants. It frees up time for you to focus on your core business.

Overall, we at CBRE have identified and secured annual savings in the order of SEK 650 billion for our clients by minimizing the risk of missed termination opportunities. At the same time as we ensure that rent payments and other rental commitments are handled as agreed.

Portfolio savings and efficiency

Our market-leading analysis tools together with our broad experience enable us to create a clear overview of your premises and property portfolio. This in turn facilitates the ongoing management of the portfolio and allows you to easily measure and follow up key figures, ongoing activities and projects.

By using powerful analysis tools, CBRE's real estate advisors can help you identify opportunities to streamline and adapt the premises portfolio, so that the premises optimally support your overall business strategies. Our analytical and strategic approach typically generates savings of around 20% for our clients.

Our core services:

Rental database/Agreement administration:

We transfer and then continuously update the information for your entire premises portfolio in a single database. You get direct access to all vital information regarding the premises and properties, including types of rental objects and properties, the duration and termination date of the agreements, areas, rents and other related costs, etc.

Rent administration:

CBRE offers a complete service for rent administration, which includes accounting and management of both rent payments and receivables. We ensure that rent, operating allowances, property tax, insurance and service charges are paid in accordance with the lease agreement. Our team also handles all rental financial accounting, which includes payments from subtenants, budgeting, support for business plans and transparency of rental payments, property tax and additions for operating expenses, etc.

Management of rented premises and own properties:

We can fully or partially take over and manage your ongoing and contractual relationships and commitments towards your landlords and subtenants.

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