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Office Leasing

Rental of office facilities


Report & Market Analysis

In the initial work, we help you with independent market reports for the office markets: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. CBRE's analysis department assists with reports on e.g. rent levels, competing vacancies, upcoming projects and forecasts.

Rental within projects

CBRE provides advice for large and contiguous vacancies of property development projects. The project rental is adapted for property owners, property companies and other professional actors. A large part of the help takes place in the initial phase of the letting process, with a close dialogue together with the property owner regarding the choice of marketing profile and the property's development potential. We then carry out the work until the premises are adapted, the new tenant is in place and all associated documents are in order.

Administrative assignments/Strengthening of the rental organisation

When strengthening the existing rental organisation, CBRE can also support ongoing rental work. The work involves, among other things, hiring of consultants at the property owner's request for a desired number of days a week, alternatively representation of consultants under the CBRE brand.

Evacuation mission

On the occasion when a premises needs to be evacuated, for example during a renovation project, CBRE helps to find new premises for the tenants who need to be moved.


Are you a tenant who wishes to move or reduce the area before the existing lease expires? In such cases, CBRE can assist with a sublease of the premises or a transfer of the lease. The work is carried out on behalf of the tenant, together with close contact with the landlord in all rent-related matters.

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