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CBRE Real Estate Technology offers advanced technical solutions to optimize and streamline real estate. Our expertise spans a wide range of areas, including building systems, technical operation and maintenance, energy management and optimisation. CBRE is focused on creating smart, efficient and sustainable buildings by providing advanced technology solutions that increase operational efficiency, optimize energy consumption and minimize environmental impact.

Our technical services to tenants and facility owners

Building Technology and Services 
CBRE manages all types of properties and property portfolios. Our facilities include housing, retirement homes, shopping malls and hospitals. Some facilities are technically complex, others are listed and some have high security requirements.

Energy services and energy optimisation 
Our energy engineers handle a variety of tasks in heating, cooling, certification processes and digital monitoring systems.

We offer services in:
• Debugging
• Investigation
• Maintenance planning
• Technical due diligence
• Energy optimisation
• Operating aid
• Energy inventory
• Environmental classification
• Design and dimensioning

Other services 
Our range of services also includes systematic fire protection, building automation, installation of charging stations and alarm and security systems, providing a comprehensive and professional service in building operations and technology. We also have expertise in project management to ensure efficient and sustainable solutions.

Our Specialists

CBRE – Mobile Tech is a mobile technical team, specializing in building operations and maintenance. We offer comprehensive services such as supervision, care, maintenance, technical service, and simple repairs around the clock. The team also provides technical support and expertise in building operations. Through proactive work with both short-term and long-term maintenance plans and budgets, we strive to provide clients with comprehensive advice on their real estate assets.

H2M Real Estate Technique is now part of CBRE 
CBRE has acquired H2M Fastighetsteknik AB, a leading technical maintenance and property management company in Sweden. 

Through the acquisition of H2M, they act as part of CBRE, Global Workplace Solutions (GWS) in the Swedish market and have expanded CBRE's local presence by adding extensive technical capabilities such as property maintenance, HVAC, electricity, energy efficiency solutions, engineering and project management.

This enables the optimisation of building technology systems with regard to both local needs and global trends. We strive to offer efficiency and innovation in building technology, while having the capacity to meet the larger and more complex challenges that facility management can present on a global scale.

Our combined strength lies in our ability to create tailor-made solutions for each client's unique needs, whether it's a local facility or a global portfolio. Welcome to the world of integrated and optimized building technology, where local flair meets global competence. 

H2M Real Estate Technology, now part of CBRE

CBRE acquire H2M Sverige AB, a leading technical maintenance and property management services company in Sweden.


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