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We deliver industry-leading property management, project management, transaction and portfolio services and consulting services that create efficient workplaces for all property types. Efficient workplaces for all property types.

GWS Facilities Management
The perfect solution at every step

CBRE GWS is the world's largest provider of integrated solutions in property management and property services. We help global and local companies optimise their real estate portfolio, focus on core business and create safe and efficient workplaces for their employees.

As a client of CBRE, you benefit from our real estate solutions that reduce costs and risks, better manage your space and improve productivity. This applies regardless of whether it concerns your offices, stores, laboratories, data centers or manufacturing facilities.

Our mission is to redefine the "workplace", because we believe that every workplace can become a competitive advantage.

Bang for your buck

Our goal is to maintain and manage properties and deliver services to employees at as low a cost and as energy-efficiently as possible. We do this through globally developed and locally adapted best practices. Our service delivery is always at the forefront when it comes to implementing improvements or developing innovative concepts.

All our employees are experts in what they do and we offer specialist knowledge in all types of facilities, critical environments, data centres, production facilities and offices. In addition, we are part of a global organisation with a unique network of experience that allows us to offer local solutions based on global best practice.

World leader in new solutions and technology

We are a world leader when it comes to solutions to support the development of our customers' properties and workplaces. We place great focus on developing and testing new ideas that will optimise and define the workplace of the future and the most efficient ways to maintain properties. With several test centers around the world, we continuously test new solutions and possibilities.

We have invested in the industry's best technology to offer a digital platform that is flexible and up-to-date. It gives us the opportunity to contribute strategic input and perspectives on investments and effectively manage budgets that ensure control and transparency.

Through our broad experience and competence, we regularly publish articles and studies that focus on the design of workplaces, employees' needs and wishes in workplaces. For more information, we refer to Research & Reports or to contact us directly for further discussion.

Welcome to contact us if you want to know more about our outsourcing models, which are adapted depending on what needs you have and what results you are looking for.

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