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CBRE - Mobile Tech is a mobile technical team operating in property management and maintenance. We provide supervision, care and maintenance. Technical service and simple repairs. We provide technical support, and expertise in property management and maintenance.

We work proactively with short-term and long-term maintenance plans, as well as budgets that give our clients advice on their real estate assets from a holistic perspective. We take into account lifespan, maintenance costs and replacement costs to be able to recommend the best solutions for our customers.

Our mobile technical mission is to deliver and support internal and external customers with flexible and cost-effective services and solutions.

CBRE Mobile Tech provides 24/7 readiness for customers who wish or have requirements for good availability.

CBRE Mobile Tech can enter into agreements with third-party suppliers where required by our agreements in order to minimise invoice handling for our customers. We report our delivery in accordance with our contracts.


  • Helpdesk support by own NOC
  • FM Maintenance, maintenance and supervision
  • FM service and repairs
  • Landscaping, gardening
  • Regular PPM work
  • Controls and inspections
  • SBA Fire safety inspections by law
  • Energy checklists and inspections
  • The support agency's inspections
  • 24/7 support and call-out service
  • Site inspections
  • Small projects
  • Innovations
  • Security Observations
  • Incident / Hazard reporting
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • Tech Support

Work process

Agreement - An agreement where we take care of the entire scope of the work, such as SLAs, KPIs, reporting structure, PPM plan and the agreement cost. We do this so that all parties have a complete understanding of the scope and what the customer can expect in terms of service.

RACI Matrix - Boundary drawing list is a prerequisite for a good delivery. If it is missing, we can create a demarcation list that gives a clear and comprehensible picture of the ownership and what is within the scope of the assignment. In this way, we get clarity in the delivery.

Terms of reference - From the final agreement, we create a clear terms of reference so that both parties see what is expected of the delivery.
PPM Planning - From the final agreement and mission description, an annual maintenance plan (PPM Plan) is created to ensure that deliveries are made on time according to the process.

Checklist, maintenance protocol, rounds and readings - CBRE has standard checklists for every task. The CBRE Mobile Tech team starts from standard checklists and tailors them to the specific assignment. In this way, we cover the entire assignment.

Reporting - In the final agreement we define the level of reporting.

  1. Services for investors

    Our team uses CBRE's global real estate expertise to provide a wide variety of services to investors. From developing sustainability strategies to improving property performance, improving reputation through reporting and certifications, and reducing regulatory and obsolescence risks.

    Since real estate is our core business, CBRE's experts are in a unique position that gives them the opportunity to offer a long-term real estate focus. Our teams not only help investors find and retain users, but also ensure regulatory compliance, risk mitigation and through access to the latest research and analytics, gas, water and electricity cost savings can be achieved.
  2. Services for tenants

    We have developed a plan for users to optimise supply, demand and use of gas, water and electricity as well as other resources. We call the plan: "Buy smart, use smart and take responsibility."

    This means that we support businesses in developing a plan for electricity and water procurement, in reducing costs and emissions for buildings and portfolios, and finally in ensuring that environmental legislation is complied with while increasing the value of the assets.

    With this threefold energy and sustainability perspective, we have succeeded in helping over 100 customers in the EMEA area manage a billion euros in electricity and water costs. Through our help, they have saved 23 million euros and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 70 million kilograms, which is equivalent to planting 1.8 million trees.
  3. Our energy and sustainability services cover:

    - Sustainability strategies and advice
    - Improved energy use
    - Resource management
    - Procurement of gas, water and electricity
    - Environmental construction certification
    - Health strategies and certificates
    - Compliance and risk management
    - Carbon dioxide and ESG reporting
    - Stakeholder engagement
    - Specialised consultancy for the manufacturing industry
    - Expertise for data centers and critical environments

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