CBRE is the leading supplier of energy and sustainability expertise in the EMEA area and supports investors, users and developers. We help our customers understand ownership law, reduce operational costs, improve energy efficiency, manage brand and reputation, reduce risk, and create more productive and healthy work environments.

Through a holistic view of sustainability within companies, our team develops strategies that not only reduce carbon footprint but also create long-term benefits and value in your business.

As the world's leading supplier of commercial real estate services, we are different from other energy and sustainability advisors. Our extensive knowledge of building and real estate management gives us a unique property focus that enables us to quickly understand your exact needs and provide creative, practical and sustainable property solutions.

Globally, we have over 250 energy and sustainability experts, of which more than 120 are based in the EMEA area. Our team includes authorised energy engineers and managers, sustainability experts accredited LEED, BREEAM, ISO and Wellness. They also include qualified measurement and verification specialists as well as energy and water procurement experts. Read more about our Facility Management services.

Services for Occupiers

We have developed a programme to optimise the supply, demand and usage of utilities and resources, especially for occupiers; We call it: “Buy Smart, Use Smart and Be Responsible.” That means we support businesses from the development of a utility procurement strategy, through to reducing costs and emissions across buildings and portfolios, and finally, ensuring compliance with environmental legislation while improving the value of their assets.  

With this three-pronged energy & sustainability approach, we have been able to support 100+ clients in EMEA, manage €1B in utilities spend, save €23M and reduce 70M kg CO2e – the equivalent to 1.8M planted trees.

Services for Investors

Our team is able to draw on CBRE’s global real estate expertise to provide investors with a comprehensive service, from developing sustainability strategy to improving building performance, enhancing reputation through reporting and certifications to reducing risk around legislation and obsolescence.  

Because property is our core business, CBRE’s Energy and Sustainability experts are uniquely positioned to provide a long-term real estate focus. Our teams not only help investors to attract and retain occupiers but also ensure regulatory compliance, mitigate risk and create utility savings with access to the latest research and analysis.

Our energy and sustainability services cover:

  • Sustainability strategies and advice
  • Improved energy use
  • Resource Management
  • Procurement of gas, water and electricity
  • Environmental Building Certification
  • Health strategies and certificates.
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Carbon dioxide and ESG reporting
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Specialised advice for the manufacturing industry
  • Expertise for data centres and critical environments