Leasing is a process that can either be troublesome with a low yield, or unproblematic with a good profit. A & T Investor Leasing have specialized consultants and advisors that contributes to a cost-effective lease and an improvement of the company’s outcome. Our team provide leasing of office facilities and the procedure is through the steps of: pre-study, marketing (tenants are identified), leasing and contract agreement. We offer advisory and transaction services for the main areas below.

Reports & Market analysis

The initial process provides independent market reports for office facilities in: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. CBRE´s research department assists with reports regarding for instance: rent levels, competing vacancies, upcoming projects and forecasts. 

Lease within projects

CBRE contributes with advisory for large and coherent vacancies of property development projects. The lease within projects is adapted for property owners, property companies and other professional actors. A large part of the work takes place in the initial phase of the leasing process, where there is a close dialogue with the property owner about the marketing profile and potential property development. We will then assist you until the facility is adapted, the new tenant is in place and all the paper work is in order.

Property management services/Development of the leasing-organisation

If there is a need to expand the existing leasing-organisation, our office leasing team can support with ongoing leasing projects. Where, CBRE work either under their own trademark or as a hired consultant for the property owner. 

Evacuation projects

In those cases when a facility needs to be evacuated, for instance if the facility is up to a comprehensive renovation, we assist the tenants in the search for other potential facilities.


CBRE facilitates the search for a new facility before the lease expires when tenants are obliged to move or there is a need for a decreased surface. A sublease or transferring of the contract are two options in this case. The request is often done on behalf of the tenant, together with a close contact with the landlord in all rental-related issues. 

Vacant premises