CBRE project offers our customers a full-service project delivery - our project team is responsible for CBRE project provides our customers a full-service project delivery - our project team is responsible for and coordinates QHSE issues, requirements and procurements, and the project budget.

Our goal is to optimize time, cost and minimize the work a real estate project entails for our customers. Our focus is a simple, turnkey solution.

Principal Contracting

CBRE's Principal Projects Group Team offers our customers a complete solution, a project team that delivers projects quickly and efficiently throughout Sweden. With CBRE as the main contractor, we shoulder the responsibility at all levels and offer our customers a worry-free overall commitment and superior service where CBRE's strategic partner network gives us the opportunity for competitive pricing.

We offer exceptional project delivery and tailor-made solutions at a lower price. Our project team has combined over 100+ years of experience in delivering projects throughout Sweden.

Our primary focus and areas of expertise are project management of relocations and flexible work solutions, decommissioning projects, IT / Security installations, optimization and rebuilding of offices and customers in the manufacturing industry.

Project management


The feasibility study - a well-conducted feasibility study maps the conditions for a successful project. The feasibility study clarifies the project's current situation analysis, scope, and business benefits; we clarify requirements, financial analysis, and complete a project plan.
The project is delivered by competent and qualified project managers with a solid background in architecture, construction, engineering, contract negotiations, and overall project management. Regardless of project type, size, or location, we ourselves or in connection with our carefully selected suppliers will manage your project in goals, on time, and within budget.

Moving and optimizing premises

Everything from large-scale company relocations to new workstations and department relocations, CBRE's project managers are relocation specialists and collaborate with local resources on-site to meticulously follow up on the current relocation plan and oversee that everything falls into place. We streamline and minimize the time required throughout the relocation process.

CBRE project offers full-service delivery of moves and optimization of premises. We handle tender documents, tailor suppliers according to our customers' needs, establish clear communication regarding packing and moving instructions, coordinate property technology, and IT installations, oversee all re-branding, security installations, cleaning, and waste management services during the project. We own the project delivery at every stage and ensure operational success.

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