Managing Director and Leadership

Capital Markets, Hotels

Capital Markets, Investment Banking

Capital Markets, Investment Properties

ESG, Energy and Sustainability

Global Workplace Solutions

  • Poyan Pahlavanloo

    Sales Director, Global Workplace Solutions

    Foto av Poyan Pahlavanloo
  • Louise Andersson

    Business Unit Coordinator, Global Workplace Solutions

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Advisory and Transactions Retail

Investor Leasing, Industrial and Logistics

Investor Leasing, Office

  • Kim Grüneberger

    Head of Investor Leasing Office, Director

    Foto av Kim Grüneberger
  • Michaela Capkova

    Associate Director

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  • Alan Marofi


    Foto av Alan Badareh Marofi

Occupier Accounts

Occupier Tenant Representation

Project Management

Property Management


Marketing and Communications

National Shared Services

  • Christoffer Ståhl

    Sr. Data Project Manager

    Foto av Christoffer Ståhl