How do you bring people back to your offices?

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 we have had to make considerable changes to adapt to the way we work and manage our businesses. 
However, starting to plan and look at what a return to ‘the Workplace’ might look like is crucial in how we manage the next stage for our businesses and our people.

Our team have developed a Workplace RESET process to help you navigate this next stage and ensure you provide a safe and sustainable working environment for those returning to the workplace and continuing to work remotely.

Find out more about Workplace Reset

Space Reset

How many people can I safely accommodate in my workplace?

Occupancy Reset

How do I know who to bring back and how?

Environmental Reset

How do I ensure my building systems help mitigate any spread of COVID-19?

Portfolio Reset

What additional space might I need in the short term?
Our team are available to discuss and support you.